Jug Inkwell Persian Myott Jug

Ceramateek is a small boutique born out of a love for 20th antiques and a curiosity about collecting.

We select pieces based on their beauty but also consider collections and interesting markets. The 20th century created and produced an extraordinary range of ceramics, glass, silver and the Ceramateek galleries reflect a small range of these.

That these pieces are still in good condition up to one hundred years after they were designed and created is proof of their quality.

If treated with care they will hold and very probably increase in value. 20th century items offer an interesting and ecological alternative to newer, mass produced pieces.

If you would like to be kept informed of new pieces from Ceramateek please conatct us at the email below. Please specify any areas (designers/ potteries/ glassworks) of particular interest.

Ceramateek is run by Karen Emslie, an artist and designer.

Ceramateek, Nyuggel, Lunabister, Dunrossness, ZE2 9JH